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トータル オフィスサービス事業
​Total Office Service

Kamakura Trading provide a One-Stop service from the selection of the office to the proposal of the office layout, all the arrangements for the opening of the office and the management after the opening.

オフィスの選定 / STEP 1
Office selection

​不動産のエキスパート/コンシェルタント 点睛堂株式会社との強固なパートナーシップにより、貴社に最適なオフィスのご提案をさせて頂きます。
Kamakura Trading has a strong partnership with real estate experts, Tensei-do K.K.
Kamakura Trading and Tensei-do will work  to find the perfect office for customers.

​☜ 点睛堂株式会社ホームページ/TENSEI-DO HP

オフィスレイアウトのご提案 / STEP 2
Office layout / Furniture

Kamakura Trading provides our customers a comfortable office layout plan. 
We provide the necessary furniture and equipment.

オフィス開設のアシスタント / STEP 3
Opening Assistance


Opening or relocating an office involves a lot of tedious work.
Kamakura Trading will help you with all the administrative procedures according to your requirements.
We can also arrange opening parties on request.

オフィスの管理 / STEP 4
Management & Maintenance

Kamakura Trading provides total support for effective daily work execution, such as office cleaning and purchasing of office supplies, as well as reducing costs such as utility bills for offices and operations.


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